Bluchem Corrosion Coatings

Small scale corrosion coatings for any metal structures. Coatings can be specified and applied to suit the exposure and local environmental conditions of the equipment. We have sandblasting facilities. Specialising in chemically resistant coatings for ISO boards in food grade facilities

The Problem

• The effects of corrosion are known worldwide, including economical loss, waste of energy and materials, environmental impact and safety. • Corrosion is a natural process to reverse an unnatural process. • 40% - 50% of all manufactured steel is to replace corroded steel. • Recognise that ALL metals will corrode, some will just deteriorate faster than others. • In South Africa, the direct cost of corrosion is estimated to be around R130-billion (MINTEK).

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The Solution

• Independent studies have shown that 25% of the effects and costs of corrosion can be prevented by applying known technology. • ISO 12944-5 Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures by Protective Paint Systems is a guide for preventing / delaying the “Pervasive Menace”. • Bluchem can assist in the steps required to Stop Corrosion Eating Your Profits!

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Corrosion Coatings

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