Bluchem Warranty

Bluchem offers warranties that are in line with international coating applicators.

Panels / Cabinetry

Bluchem Panel Protection Clear

An acrylic finish based on high-quality hydroxy-acrylic dispersions. Allows equipment to look 100% OEM.
Bluchem offers a TWO YEAR WARRANTY on this clear coat.

Bluchem Panel Protection Marine

Multiple coats of high solids epoxies with a finish coat of chemical resistant polyurethane. Dry Film Thickness’s dependent on location and exposure.
Bluchem offers up to a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on this marine coat option.


Condenser / Evaporator Coils

Bluchem Coil Protection

A water borne aluminium impregnated modified acrylic.
Bluchem offers a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on coil coatings.

Please note:

All warranties are dependent on routine washing maintenance. This is in line with international best practice:
Bluchem Panel Protection Clear Coat – Quarterly
Bluchem Coil Protection – Quarterly
Bluchem Panel Marine Coat – Annual

Please see the individual Warranty Information Sheets above for details.

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